| 2022 – 102′ –  Drama
Written by: Fabien Gorgeart.
Directed by: Fabien Gorgeart.
Starring: Mélanie Thierry, Lyès Salem, Félix Moati, Gabriel Pavie, Idriss Laurentin-Khelifi, Basile Violette, Florence Muller, Dominique Blanc .

US Premiere at TAFFF 2022.
In French with English subtitles.
A Distrib Films US release.|

Inspired by his own family history, Fabien Gorgeart‘s heartfelt, heartbreaking second feature focuses on an excruciating period of transition in one family’s life.  Anna, her husband and their two young sons are told they must gradually, definitively, hand 6-year-old Simon — the foster child they’ve raised since he was 18 months old — over to his “real” father.  Powerless before a social services system that seems to take all factors into consideration, yet remains oblivious to the powerful emotional ties that inevitably form between abandoned children and their caregivers, they have no choice but to acquiesce and allow that bond to be unceremoniously torn apart.  Mélanie Thierry, as Anna, is the very heart of the film.  Her rich, complex, finely-calibrated performance expresses all the anguish and conflicted feelings her entire family is silently contending with in this plaintive ode to mother love..


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