2022 Videos

As it happened

Opening night

Meet the delegation

High School Screening

TAFFF talk

Focus on a producer Charles Gillibert

Focus on a producer Charles Gillibert

Focus on a composer Eric Neveux

Focus on a Composer Eric Neveux II

Director Yvonnick Muller for "Maria Into Life"

Director Lise Akoka and producer Marine Alaric "The Worst Ones"

Director Alexandru Belc for "Metronom"

Director Wilfried Meance and actor Bertrand Usclat for "Two of a kind"

Director Marie-Catille Mention-Schaar for "Divertimento"

Director André Bonzel for "Flickering Ghosts of Loves Gone By"

Director Céline Deveaux for "Everybody loves Jeanne"

With Director Michel Hazanavicius for "Final Cut"

Director Salaah Isaad and producer Taquiyeddine Isaad for "Soula"

Director Anissa Bonnefont and producer Myriam Weil for "Nadia"

Director Lola Quivoron and actress Antonia Buresi for "Rodeo"

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud for "Notre Dame on fire"

Director Maïmouna Doucouré for "Hawa"

Directors FGKO & actors T. Gotoas, J. Laheurte -"Blazing Neons"

Movie & Documentary presentations

Final Cut


Off Season

The Worst Ones


Everybody Loves Jeanne


Blazing Neon


Lie With Me


Flickering Ghosts of Loves Gone by



Notre-Dame on Fire

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