2019 Videos

As it happens

Press Conference

Colcoa it's a wrap!

Les miserables - Interviews

Colcoa: what's up in 2019?

Taylor Hackford on COLCOA

High School Screenings - In your hands

Women on Screen - Panel discussion

Alliance Francaise Award - C.Cohen

Closing night

Writer-Director Interviews

Adults In The Room - Costa-Gavras

Cyrano My Love - Alexis Michalik

In Safe Hands - Jeanne Herry

The inside Game - J.X. de Lestrade

Modern Jazz - Anaïs Tellenne

Little Tickles - Eric Métayer

Modern Jazz - Anaïs Tellenne

Minuscule - H.Giraud & T. Szabo

Papicha - Mounia Meddour


Amanda - Vincent Lacoste

3 Days And A Life - Pablo Pauly

La Belle Epoque - Doria Tillier

Movie presentations

Adults in the room - Costa Gavras

Three day and a life - Pablo Pauly

Papicha - Mounia Meddour

In safe hands - Jeanne Herry

Cyrano my love - Alexis Michalik

Anastasia Mikova - Woman

I lost my body - Jéremy Clapin

Forward - Gilles de Maistre

The inside game - J-X de Lestrade

Minuscule 2 - H.Giraud & T.Szabo

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