In March 1996, SACEM signed an agreement with the American guilds and trade association representing creators of film and television shows: the Directors Guild of America (DGA) the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW), and the Motion Picture Association (MPA). This unique partnership was designed with the goal of creating a common Cultural Fund to promote and teach the art of filmmaking.

The result of the partnership is the Franco-American Cultural Fund. Financed with Private Copy levy funds, this partnership promotes film creativity on both sides of the Atlantic by helping to encourage budding talent and to foster a dialogue between professionals. In both the U.S. and France, the fund sponsors original programs, featuring comprehensive artistic assistance, professional advice and financial aid for cultural projects


The American French Film Festival
A week of French films in September in the heart of Hollywood, at the theatres of the Directors Guild of America.

Deauville – D’Ornano – Valenti Award
Created in 1991 in memory of Michel d’Ornano, Mayor of Deauville and Jack Valenti, former President of the MPAA,  the award honors a French director whose work is brought to the screen for the first time.

Albertine Cinematheque
The Fund support this successful program, which brings French films to American university campuses, at the initiative of the FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) Foundation, in association with the French Embassy in the U.S.

Honorary President: Costa-Gavras
President: Cécile Rap-Veber, SACEM
Taylor Hackford, DGA
Michael Mann, DGA
Jay D. Roth, DGA
Charles Rivkin, MPA
Stanford McCoy, MPA
François Besson, SACEM
Andrea Berloff, WGAW
Howard Rodman, WGAW
Charles B. Slocum, WGAW


Executive Director:
Eglantine Langevin

Paris Office Contact:
Franco-American Cultural Fund
Julie Garcia
Project Manager
225 avenue Charles de Gaulle
92528 Neuilly-sur-Seine
P: +33 1 47 15 48 84 | F: +33 1 47 15 48 95

U.S. Partners:
DGA: Andrea Scott
MPA: Jenny Hilscher
WGAW: Tiffany Slater

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