“I enjoyed the COLCOA program because it brings an awareness to foreign films, and how they are just like American films, if not better for the cinematography and meaningfulness, only in a different language.” (2019, Santa Susana High School)

“My favorite part about the program is that we get to improve our French vocabulary in a fun and interesting way while getting to experience a story. Thank you for providing this experience to French students. It helps us learn French in a fun way.” (2019, Redondo Union High School)

“Considering a majority of American films are normally associated with source material from pop culture, this was a nice change of pace to just watch a more unique and thought provoking movie…not a lot of theaters in my area actually play foreign films. I got to experience more accurate French firsthand rather than just reading it and attempting to mimic an accent.” (2019, Redondo Union High School)


“This is such an anticipated event for my students; it has left a profound impact on at least half a dozen who have pursued careers in the entertainment industry through internships and side gigs. It helped them connect the dots between my French class and the real world. Thank you for giving them such an opportunity!” (2019, Flintridge Preparatory School La Cañada)

“Just a note to thank you for the wonderful opportunity for our high school French students assisting them to broaden their horizon. I love the happiness of my students when they have the opportunity to share the experience of French cinema with a whole auditorium of 600 high school students who study French.” (2019, Canoga Park High School)

“I just want to thank you SO much for providing my students with this opportunity. This is a small French program in a low income charter, & attending the screening was extremely valuable for my students — simply to share that space with all of the other students from other schools who study French, in addition to the film itself, and the conversations around the film and French culture that took place in our classroom. I think that the opportunity for a fun field trip in and of itself can help strengthen French programs, because those opportunities can influence language course choices (something I’ve heard from students). My students don’t have much contact with French culture in their neighborhoods, so this was really great for them.” (2019, Camino Nuevo High School)

“I have been attending this program for the past 6 or 7 years and it always exceeds my expectations!” (2019, Hemet High School)

“I expected my students to see a movie, which differs from American production, makes them reflect more on the content, and that is what happened. Interesting plot, non-traditional characters and story. Triggered a lot of thinking.” (Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (2019, SOCES)

“The Q&A after the film is the best part of the program. I always have students who ask questions and I think it is the best privilege to be able to ask the director or actor about the film in person.” (2019, Redondo Union High School)

“I love the educational packets supplied to teachers so we can teach beforehand to prepare students.” (2019, Providence High School)

“My students always love going to the theatre and hearing other people speaking French. They come back with a renewed sense of why they chose to learn French.” (2019, Mountain View High School)

“This program increases your students’ interest in French because it provides them with a strong French cultural immersion environment.” (2019, Servite High School)

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