(Crédits photo 2022 © Cedric-Doux.fr / Sacem)

And the 2022 Awards Winners are…

From left to right:

– Valérie Urrea (writer/director) et Nathalie Masduraud (writer/director) (ALICE GUY, THE FIRST FEMALE FILMMAKER)
– Eric Neveux (composer), Antoine Szymalka (producer), Thibaut Valetoux (creator) (SOLDIERS)
– Nelson Ghrénassia (producer), Zoel Aeschbacher (writer/director) (FAIRPLAY)
– Thierry Lacaze (distributor) (RISE)
– Emmanuel Mouret (writer/director) (DIARY OF A FLEETING AFFAIR)
– Raphaëlle Delauche (producer), Irène Drésel (composer) (FULL TIME)
– Stephanie Halfon (writer/director), Anne Berjon (producer), Caroline Adrian (Producer) (WOMEN OF VIRTUE)
– Catherine Touzet (writer) (WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY FAMILY?)
– Lise Akoka (writer/director) (THE WORST ONES)
– Sofia Essaïdi (actor), Arnaud Jalbert (producer) (WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY FAMILY?)

The Franco-American Cultural Fund Board

From Left to Right:

– Stanford McCoy – MPA
– Howard R. Rodman – WGA West
– Taylor Hackford – DGA
– Andrea Berloff – WGA West
– Francois Truffart – Director The American French Film Festival
– Cécile Rap-Veber – President FACF – SACEM
– Michael Mann – DGA
– Russell Hollander – DGA
– Francois Besson – SACEM
– Jay Roth – SACEM

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