| 2023 – 107′ –  Drama
Written by: Emmanuel Carrère, Hélène Devynck.
Directed by: Emmanuel Carrère.
Starring: Academy Award Winner Juliette Binoche, Hélène Lambert, Léa Carne, Steve Papagianis, Louise Pociecka, Jérémy Lechevallier, Aude Ruyter.

World Premiere Cannes International Film Festival 2021 (Un Certain Regard Competition).
Official Competition COLCOA 2021 (Opening Film).
In French with English subtitles.
A Cohen Media Group release.|

Based on the French investigative journalist Florence Aubenas’ best-selling non-fiction book, The Night Cleaner, Between Two Worlds recounts the adventures of Marianne Winckler, a celebrated author who goes undercover as a cleaning lady to write a book on job insecurity in the gig economy. The film was understandably a passion project for leading lady Juliet Binoche, who spent years trying to convince the author to part with the book’s film rights. Aubenas eventually agreed, but only if Emmanuel Carrère were to direct. Carrère filled out the rest of the cast with a group of extraordinarily talented non-professional actors, adding the necessary grit and authenticity… and zeroing in on the thorny ethical questions of trust, truth and exploitation behind any such endeavor, no matter how well-intentioned.




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