Friday, October 14 – Renoir Theatre –8:10 pm
(Screening ends at 10:10 pm)
+ Short Film Presentation: FAIR PLAY
Followed by a conversation with writer/directors Fabrice Garçon and Kevin Ossona


Presented in Association with:
Wild Bunch International


World Premiere | France | 2023 | Thriller, Film Noir | 98 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: FGKO (Fabrice Garçon, Kevin Ossona)
Written by: Sherazade Khalladi, Fabrice Garçon, Kevin Ossona
Based on the Work of: Rémy Lasource
Produced by: Yves Darondeau, Clément Renouvin & Emmanuel Priou (Bonne Pioche Productions), Frédéric Fiore & David Meadeb (Logical Pictures)
Cinematography: Fabio Caldironi
Film Editing: Jean-Christophe Bouzy
Original Score: Pierre Lefeuvre a.k.a. Saycet
Cast: Jérémie Laheurte (Yann), Tracy Gotoas (Dara), Bosh, Idir Azougli
International Sales: Wild Bunch International

The writer-director team of Fabrice Garçon and Kevin Ossona — a.k.a. FGKO — returns to familiar underworld territory in their second feature, Blazing Neon.  As usual, their hero, Yann, is caught in a web of criminal activity.  Already on parole and up to his ears in debt, he plugs along from one petty theft to the next.  But when a pair of gangster thugs threatens his life if he doesn’t pay up, Yann decides to take a job with the “big boys.”  His task: to deliver Dara, a young Nigerian woman fresh off the boat and now in the clutches of a dangerous prostitution ring, to Spain.  There, he’ll get his payoff.  But Dara is not exactly easy cargo to move. She fights him tooth and nail, and her resistance will lead him far off his designated route.

Often signing their works FGKO, Fabrice Garçon and Kevin Ossona have made their reputation cowriting and co-directing gritty thrillers filled with mobsters and petty criminals, which take place in the seedy underbelly of French society. Their short films include Cerbère (2012), Iwaa (2014) and J’ai dix ans (2015).  Their first feature film Thugocratie (2015), the tale of an ex-con who’s trying to go straight, was a big winner at the Manchester Film Festival, nabbing the Film of the Festival, Best Feature, Best Director and Best Actor prizes, before its release in France.  Second Souffle (2018), their most recent short, tells the story of a former boxer who takes a young fighter under his wing.  Blazing Neon, their second feature, is adapted from the novel Du crepitement sous les neons by Rémy Lasource, a police officer writing under a pen name.  Its French release is scheduled for 2023.

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