| 2010 – 165′ – Drama, Biopic, Action.
Written by: Olivier Assayas, Dan Franck, Daniel Leconte.
Directed by: Olivier Assayas.
Starring: Edgar Ramirez, Alexander Scheer, Nora Waldstätten, Christoph Bach, Ahmaad Kaabour, Fadi Abi Samra.
Official Selection Cannes International Film Festival 2010, Telluride Film Festival 2010, New York Film Festival 2010.
In French, German, Spanish, Arabic with English subtitles & in English.
A IFC Films release. |

Young Venezuelan Marxist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez is recruited by the leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization to perform several jobs in Europe in the early 1970s, culminating in the audacious kidnapping of several OPEC oil ministers. From that small-scale beginning, he becomes an infamous international terrorist for hire, known in the media as Carlos the Jackal, who performs violent acts across the globe for a wide variety of nations and organizations.




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