Tout va bien 

Season 1 

World Premiere | TV Series | France | 2023 | Drama, Comedy | 8 x 52 min | Episodes 1&2 | In French with English subtitles
Directed by: Éric Rochant, Audrey Estrougo, Xavier Legrand, Cathy Verney,
Created by: Camille de Castelneau
Written by: Camille de Castelneau, Benjamin Adam, Gaëlle Bellan, Christophe Régin
Produced by: Éric Rochant (Maui Entertainment), Federation Studios, Camille de Castelneau (Petit Ermitage Production), Disney+
CinematographyQuentin de Lamarzelle, Nathalie Durand, Julien Poupard
Film Editing:
Original Score:
Cast: Virgine Éfira (Claire), Nicole Garcia (Anne), Sara Giraudeau (Marion), Aliocha Schneider (Vincent), Bernard Lecoq (Pascal), Yannik Landrein (Stéphane), Eduardo Noriega (Antonio), Mehdi Nebbou (Louis)
International Sales: Disney+
Original Broadcast: Disney+ (France), Hulu (US), December 2023

An ordinary and inevitably dysfunctional family confronts catastrophe when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness. That sudden turn of events creates upheaval in the entire extended family, especially in the lives of two generations of strong, independent women. Virginie Efira, Nicole Garcia and Sara Giraudeau lead an impressive ensemble cast in this deft dramedy series exploring how tragedy forces us to set aside grudges, let down our guard and confront what matters in life… all the while juggling careers, husbands, lovers and the shameful little secrets we all carry within.

Series creator Camille de Castelnau has written for numerous TV series, including Cœur Océan (2006-2007), Disparition, retour aux sources (2008), Chante! (2011), La croisière (2013), Vive la colo! (2013), Call My Agent! (COLCOA 2015), and Tu vivras ma fille (2018), as well as 36 episodes of The Bureau (2015-2020, COLCOA 2016) and six episodes of Standing Up (2022). Éric Rochant has written and directed several feature films, including Love Without Pity (1989), In the Eyes of the World (1991), The Patriots (1994), Anna Oz (1996), Vive la République! (1997), Total Western (2000), L’école pour tous (2006), and Möbius (2013). He also directed 16 episodes of the series Mafiosa (2013) and created the Canal+ mega-hit series The Bureau (2015-2020, COLCOA 2016), writing 50 of its episodes and directing 48 of them. Everything is well is presented with Disney+ as a World Premiere at TAFFF 2023, prior to its worldwide release in December. 


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