| 2024 – 113′ – Drama, Thriller – A Jordan-France co-production.
Written by: Amjad Al Rasheed, Rula Nasser, Delphine Agut.
Directed by: Amjad Al Rasheed.
Starring: Mouna Hawa, Seleena Rababah, Haitham Omari, Yumna Marwan, Salwa Nakkara, Mohammad Al Jizawi, Eslam Al-Awadi.
Official selections Cannes International Film Festival 2023 (Winner Gan Foundation Award), Toronto International Film Festival 2023. Jordan’s Official Entry for Best International Film at the Academy Awards 2024.
In Arabic with English subtitles.
A Greenwich Entertainment release. |

Jordan, nowadays. After the death of her husband, 30-year-old Nawal, has to fight for what she thinks is her inheritance for her only daughter in a region where having a son is a game changer. The widow pretends to be pregnant with a son in order to save her daughter and home from a relative exploiting Jordan’s patriarchal inheritance laws. 



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