| 2023  –  8 x 52′  – Series – Comedy, Thriller, Horror

Written by: Nikola Lange, Thomas Mansuy.
Directed by: Nikola Lange.
Starring: Alexandra Lamy (Sandrine), Audrey Lamy (Yvanne), Chloé Jouannet (Carmen), Jean-Pierre Martins (Fraco), Alex Lutz (Kowalski), Bruno Lochet (Patoche), Oscar Berthe (Jordan), Tara Martinez (Lulu). Lola Le Lann (Pati).
Official Competition TAFFF 2023
In French with English subtitles.
An Amazon Prime release. |

The thespian Lamy sisters, Alexandra and Audrey, and Alexandra’s daughter Chloé Jouannet, have a field day in the utterly zany fairground slasher comedy mini-series, Killer Coaster. It all begins when a body is found in the Palavas–les–Flots fair Ghost Train. The year is 1998 and, unbeknownst to her superiors, overly zealous meter maid Sandrine Laplace decides to launch a one-woman investigation into the fun house tragedy. Going undercover among the carnies, Sandrine quickly becomes embroiled in fairground intrigues and warring families, as corpses multiply and she finds herself a little too alone to face a killer on the loose.






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