| 2009 – 96′ – Drama. Austria/France/Germany Co-production.
Written by: Jessica Hausner.
Directed by: Jessica Hausner.
Starring: Sylvie Testud, Léa Seydoux, Bruno Todeschini, Elina Löwensohn, Gilette Barbier, Gerhard Liebmann, Linde Prolog, Heidi Baratta.
Official Selections Venice International Film Festival 2009 (Fipresci Prize Winner).
In French with English subtitles.
A Film Movement release. |

Afflicted with multiple sclerosis, Christine makes a pilgrimage to the holy site of Lourdes in hopes of a miracle. Among thousands of ailed visitors, she proceeds through the well-oiled machinery of the religious tourist destination until the unbelievable happens: she is suddenly able to walk. As Christine becomes the object of wonder and envy, bolstering and testing the faith of her fellow pilgrims, the question remains whether all is as it seems. A personal favorite of Martin Scorsese, Jessica Hausner’s acclaimed third feature distills the central theme of her filmography: the contentious gray area between faith and fact. Dryly humorous and quietly riveting, Lourdes is the “superbly subtle, mysterious and brilliantly composed film” (The Guardian) that established Hausner as a vital contemporary auteur on a global scale.






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