“My favorite part was being able to watch a movie that displays a culture that I know very little about.” (2019, Mark Keppel High School)

“I loved the whole experience. French films always have such a unique aura to them. I can’t explain it, but they just seem so interesting and enjoyable to watch.” (2019, Mark Keppel High School)

“I think the program was a really great opportunity for students currently learning French to apply their skills and learn more about French films. It was also really fun to sit down in a nice movie theater and enjoy a foreign film… It was a super awesome experience. Thank you for having us!” (2019, Walnut High School)

“I am always amazed with films that deal with music and this film did an exceptional job with it. I feel the acting, the music, and the sound speakers were all incredible and enhanced the experience for a movie lover like me. The subtitles helped me understand the movie, especially words that I didn’t understand, so I do not see them as a problem. I definitely want to see more foreign films in the future.” (2019, Walnut High School)

“Our school broadcasted our field trip on their official school instagram, and many students uploaded photos of their experience on their various social medias. The subtitles allowed me to fully understand the movie while exposing me to more French vocabulary, and the lack of seating assignment allowed me to meet more French students around the area.” (2019, Walnut High School)

“The people were very welcoming and it was very cool to be immersed in French culture and see how people in France really talk.” (2019, Walnut High School)

“It was an overall great opportunity for those who have been working very hard in French. It was very organized and this should continue to happen.” (2019, Hemet High School)

“There are not a lot of foreign films close to were I live so it is harder for me to go out and see them. So when I do, it’s really a treat. It was really good. A lot of people were really interested and thought it was really cool and a good opportunity for us.” (2019, Hemet High School)

“Great Work. Thank You guys for giving us an opportunity to improve our French and learn about the French movie industry.” (2019, North High School Torrance)

“Really well-done, we had an amazing experience…I really liked how COLCOA invited the director of the movie to the festival, it shows how much the festival values French culture and French students.” (2019, Buena High School)

“Good job. Thank you so much for giving my class an opportunity to go and learn!” (2019, Mark Keppel High School)

“I really enjoyed being able to attend this event and it really showed me how interesting foreign films can be. (2016, King Drew Magnet Medical High School)”

“My experience at COLCOA was incredible, and I think that every high school should be able to give its students a similar one. (2016, Redondo Union High School)”

“COLCOA was a great experience and every student that goes to it is lucky. (2015, William and Carol Ouchi High School)”

“I really enjoyed when the director came out to speak to the audience, and explained to us where he found his inspiration to make this film.” (2019, Mountain View High School)

“I enjoyed the story and I thought the film style was very modern. It seemed beautifully produced. With Madame Ines du Cos de la Hitte, we learned French in spoken word, so it wasn’t too difficult to keep along. If they have similar production quality and uniqueness of story, I’d love to see more foreign films. (2019, Sierra Canyon High School)

“The Q&A was really nice. I feel the film was so good had it been in English would have been very popular in America. Great movie.” (2019, Servite High School)

“The movie was amazing and I really loved and can relate to many of the characters. The flow of the movie was very good and loved the music. This really makes me want to see more foreign films. I absolutely loved it and would like to see more!” (2019, Servite High School)

“It was a really good movie wit an interesting plot. The main character was also very attractive. The subtitles helped because I’m not fluent in French, so it helped a lot. I made a tiktok on what we were doing and watching on the field trip. I also posted it on my snap. I liked all of it.” (2019, Chaminade College Preparatory High School)

“The film was well composed. It focuses on the struggles and hardships of coming up as a musician providing a great story. The music piece selection of the movie was well thought out helping the audience have a better sense of the movie’s atmosphere and tone. The actors performed well in which their motions on playing the instruments seemed as if they were actually playing and following the music given. My favorite part about the program is watching foreign movies I can relate to in real life. There is really nothing to improve on.” (2019, Rowland High School)

“This has made me want to explore films from different cultures and not just watch American films… I mostly see foreign films in French class or through a streaming service.” (2019, Royal High School)

“Even though I didn’t understand the language I was entrapped in that world and cared so much about the story. I honestly enjoyed it even more than many films in English.” (2019, Campbell Hall High School)

“Please continue to promote the program for high school students. The experience is priceless.” (2019, Nogales High School)

“I like the fact that we can ask questions to the director to further understand the process of making the film as well as the opportunity it allows to connect to a bit of French film culture.” (2019, North High School Torrance)

“This made me realize there are so many more cultures and foreign films to watch.” (2019, North High School Torrance)

“I enjoy and appreciate what the festival does for French students. It introduced me to loving foreign films. (2014, Hemet High School)”

“Amazing altogether. (2011, Marlborough School)”

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