À mon seul désir

Los Angeles Premiere | France | 2023 | Drama | 118 min | In French with English subtitles
Directed by: Lucie Borleteau
Written by: Lucie Borleteau, Clara Bourreau, Laure Giappiconi
Produced by: Marine Arrighi de Casanova  (Apsara Films)
Cinematography: Alexis Kavyrchine
Film Editing: Clémence Diard
Original Score: Pierre Desprats, Rebeka Warrior (song)
Cast: Zita Hanrot (Mia), Louise Chevillote (Manon, so-called Aurore), Laure Giappiconi (Elody), Pedro Casablanc (Pablo), Sième Milady (Savannah), Yuliya Abiss (Sati), Melvil Poupaud (the famous actor), Céline Fuhrer (Vergine)
International Sales: Pyramide International
U.S. Distributor: Film Movement
U.S. Release Date: TBA

Lucie Borleteau‘s modern fairy tale, My Sole Desire, opens with PhD student Manon fearlessly striding into a strip club to audition for a job… and in search of a gateway into her own desire. What she unexpectedly happens upon is a sisterhood of friends and lovers, strippers who have taken charge of their own destinies and created their own kind of sexual and personal freedom. Manon also discovers something she hadn’t counted on — a profound, uncontrollable love. To boot, the film’s no-holds-barred performances (often in the buff) by Louise Chevillotte and Zita Hanrot, are as fierce and audacious as they are carnal, and certainly cannot go without mention.

Lucie Borleteau has appeared in numerous films as an actor over the years and made her first short film in 2004. In 2009, she co-wrote the screenplay for Claire Denis’ White Material, which was honored as one of the Top Five Foreign Films of 2010 by the National Board of Review in the US. Her first feature, Fidelio: Alice’s Odyssey (2014), was nominated for a César Award for Best First Film and garnered several festival prizes, including the Press Prize at Les Arcs European Film Festival, Best Cinematography at the Mons Festival of Love Films, a New Voices/New Visions Special Jury Mention at the Palm Springs Film Festival, and it won both The Europa Cinemas Label and a Best Actress Award for Ariane Labed in Locarno. She subsequently co-wrote and directed all six episodes of the TV series Cannabis (2016) and the feature film Perfect Nanny (2019). My Sole Desire had its world premiere at Les Arcs European Film Festival last December and is released by Film Movement in the US.


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