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North American Premiere | France | 2021 | Thriller, Horror | 100 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Fred Grivois
Written by: Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, Fred Grivois
Produced by: Raphaël Rocher, Evelyne Quesnel & Eric Laroche (Empreinte Digitale), François Yon & Sébastien Beffa (Playtime), OCS
Cinematography: Martin Roux
Film Editing: Olivier Galliano
Original Score: Thomas Cappeau
Cast: Margot Bancilhon (Sophie Gravel), Guillaume Gouix (Nicolas Gravel), Alysson Paradis (Angela Maupin), Hubert Delattre (Patrice Maupin), Marceau Berber (Maxime), Louka Peixoto-Verdou (Bryan Maupin), Philippe Lebas (Robert Marchandeau)
International Sales: Playtime
Original Broadcast: OCS, December 2021

Director Fred Grivois serves up a good old-fashioned horror film with his TV movie Playdate. The intrigue begins when Sophie and Nico leave their Parisian lives behind to move to the provinces with their 8-year-old son, Max. However, their peaceful country life is not at all what it’s cracked up to be. They’re treated as untrustworthy outsiders by everyone they meet, and their new jobs are less than fulfilling. Their sole Welcome Wagon comes in the form of their oddball and somewhat kinky next-door neighbors, Angela and Patrice. But when their son comes home with some strange bruises on his body after his first playdate with the neighbors’ son, suspicions begin to mount.

French-Canadian writer/director Fred Grivois is a graduate of New York University film school. He began working as a producer, then turned to directing music videos and commercials in 2001. He’s collaborated with celebrated director Jacques Audiard on the credit sequences for several of his films, and directed the short film Tempus Fugit in 2010. He has written and directed two features, Through the Air (2015) and 15 Minutes of War (2019). Grivois then wrote and directed all 6 episodes of the TV series Trauma (2019) and directed the TV movie Pour la France (2020). Playdate was aired exclusively on OCS this past December.

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