| 2022 –  96′  – COMEDY, DRAMA

Written by: Pierre Pinaud, Fadette Drouard, Blandine Jet, Philippe Le Guay, Sarah Wikler.
Directed by: Pierre Pinaud.
Starring: Catherine Frot, Olivia Côte, Melan Omerta, Fatsah Bouyahmed, Marie Petiot, Vincent Dedienne.
Official Competition COLCOA 2021.
In French with English subtitles.
A Music Box Films release. |

Much like her role in Christian Vincent’s Haute Cuisine (COLCOA 2013), once again Catherine Frot portrays a demanding artisan, a French countrywoman passionate about her craft, humble by nature, proud in her staunch values, with deep roots in the terroir of her family home. This time, she’s Eve Vernet, a brilliant breeder of roses carrying on in her father’s footsteps. Increasingly crushed by moneyed, industrial competitors, her small family business of two — Eve and her secretary — is on the verge of bankruptcy. Then she’s saddled with three rehabilitation workers who know nothing about gardening, in this tender dramedy about apprenticeship, striving for excellence, and the passing down of savoir-faire.


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