Sous Contrôle

Season 1

North American Premiere | TV Series | France | 2023 | Comedy | 6 x 26 min | Episodes 1,2, 3 & 4 | In French with English subtitles
Directed by: Erwan Le Duc
Created by: Charly Delwart
Written by: Charly Delwart, Benjamin Charbit
Produced by: Muriel Meynard, Marc Bordure (Agat Films – Ex-nihilo), Arte France
Cinematography: Jordane Chouzenoux
Film Editing: Guillaume Lauras, Amélie Massoutier
Original Score: Julie Roué
Cast: Léa Drucker (Marie Tissier), Samir Guesmi (Harold Drassin), Laurent Stocker (the President), Machita Dali (Cléa), Samuel Churin (Marc Bragier), Jean-Louis Garçon (Thierry), Maxence Tual (Thomas), Patrick d’Assumçao (the driver)
International Sales: Federation Studios
Original Broadcast: Arte, October 2023                                               

ARTE’s six-part political-satire miniseries Under Control follows the shenanigans of Marie Tessier, director of a humanitarian NGO, who, out of the blue, receives a call from the President of the French Republic, naming her Minister of Foreign Affairs… on the very day that five Europeans — including two Frenchmen — are taken hostage by terrorists in the Sahel. Making that crisis her own personal mission, Marie quickly crosses every political red line, going rogue and, with deadpan humor, desperately trying to give the impression that everything is perfectly under control. The comic series took the Best French Series Award at this year’s Series Mania festival in Lille in March, and was released on ARTE France on October 5.

Showrunner Charly Delwart is a Belgian author and screenwriter who has published six novels and eight young adult books, including Circuit (2007), which was honored with the French Community of Belgium’s First Novel Prize. He also collaborated on screenplays for Dominique Farrugia’s Le marquis (2011) and Xavier de Choudens’ Adopt a Daddy (2019). Director Erwan Le Duc has directed several shorts and two feature films: the absurdist romantic comedy The Bare Necessity (2019), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and the father-daughter dramedy No Love Lost (2023), which was the closing film at this year’s Cannes Critic’s Week.


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