| 2004 – 79′ – Comedy, Romance
Written by: Emmanuel Mouret.
Directed by: Emmanuel Mouret.
Starring: Veroushka Knoge, Isabelle Pires, Julien Imbert, Frédéric Niedermayer.
Official Selection Directors’ Fortnight Cannes 2004.
Official Competition (US Premiere) COLCOA 2005.
In French with English subtitles.
A Yuyu release. |

Fleur (Isabelle Pires) is a young and shy Parisian vacationing in the south of France. She meets Venus (Veroushka Knoge), a Russian girl who is just as extraverted and extravagant as Fleur is reserved. Although they have nothing in common, they are both on a quest to meet the ideal man, and they become friends. The second feature of Emmanuel Mouret, the most rohmerian French filmmaker of his generation. Venus and Fleur is clearly an homage to the director of Claire’s Knee and My Night at Maud’s. 


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