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  • Tuesday, October 11 – 11:00 am
    (Screening ends at 12:45 pm)
  • Thursday, October 13 – 5:40 pm
    (Screening ends at 7:25 pm)
  • Friday, October 14 – 8:10 pm
    (Screening ends at 9:55 pm)
  • Saturday, October 15 – 5:15 pm
    (Screening ends at 7:00 pm)

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North American Premiere |  TV Series | France | 2022 | Drama, Thriller, Fantasy | 6 x 52 min | Episodes 1 & 2 | In English, French & Russian with English subtitles 

Directed by: Thierry Poiraud
Written by: Stéphane Pannetier, Julien Vanlerenberghe, Thierry Poiraud
Produced by: Raphaël Rocher & Eric Laroche (Empreinte Digitale), Lionel Uzan (Federation Entertainment), Jean-Charles Levy & Olias Barco (Apple Tree Vision)
Cinematography: Christophe Nuyens
Film Editing: Eric Armbruster, Stéphane Elmadjian, Claire Vandewalle, Mario Battistel, Olivier Gajan
Original Score: Thomas Couzinier, Frédéric Kooshmanian
Cast: Céline Sallette (Anna Zarathi), Daniyar Alshinov (Isaak Turgun), Vlad Ivanov (Emil Durkhov), Lex Shrapnel (Anthony Kurz), Samal Yeslyamova (Irina), Ellora Torchia (Reva), Karina Arutyunyan (Lydia Joukovskaïa), Anatolii Pancheko (Mikhail) Laurent Capelluto (Xavier de Livier)
International Sales: StudioCanal
Original Broadcast: Canal+, April 2022

Infiniti plunges us into the vast Kazakhstan desert. More particularly, into the Baikonur Cosmodrome, from which all manned space flights to the International Space Station (ISS) have been launched for almost 30 years. However, as the series opens, the ISS goes silent. The Infiniti crew is in distress and goes AWOL. As it does, American astronaut Anthony Kurz screams out to Anna… a Frenchwoman who, at that moment, is lying in an ambulance in Paris, after OD’ing on pharmaceuticals. It’s a wake-up call.  Meanwhile, Isaak, a Kazakh cop, discovers a decapitated body covered in wax and wearing an amulet bearing the eye of Zarathustra. Mysteries abound. Convinced that Kurz is still alive, Anna vows to rescue him. Isaak is convinced that the dead body he’s found is Kurz and that the Russians have hatched a plot to kill the entire Infiniti crew. Anna and Issak soon join forces. But how can Kurz possibly be both dead and alive?

Thierry Poiraud began by cowriting and codirecting several projects with his brother, Didier Poiraud, and occasionally with Stéphane Elmadjian. Their first short, The Wild Heels (1995), won the Best Short Film Award at Fantasporto, and Das Fantastische Nacht (2003) won the Best Short Award at the Brussels Short Film Festival. The brothers also collaborated on two features, Atomik Circus (COLCOA 2004) and Goal of the Dead (2014), as well as two music videos for Vanessa Paradis. Thierry Poiraud branched off on his own with the feature films Goal of the Dead – Seconde mi-temps (2014) and Don’t Grow Up (2015), which won the Best Feature Film Award at the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival. He directed eight episodes of the series Black Spot (2017-2019), which earned him a Best Director Award at the Luchon International Film Festival. Poiraud co-wrote and directed all six episodes of Infiniti, which began its broadcast on Canal+ in April.

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