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North American Premiere | France | 2022 | Drama | 90 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Hélène Angel
Written by: Marie Deshaires, Catherine Touzet, Hélène Angel
Based on a book by: Marc-Olivier Fogiel
Produced by: Arnaud Jalbert, Matthieu Tarot (Albertine Productions)
Cinematography: Pierre Babouin
Film Editing: Sylvie Lager
Original Score: Martin Rappeneau, Ronan Maillard
Cast: Sofia Essaïdi (Céline), Malik Zidi (Mathieu), Benjamin Siksou (Julien), Roby Schinasi (Darius), Patrick d’Assumçao (Eric), Bruno Sanches (Benjamin), Guilaine Londes (Agnès)
International Sales: Film & Picture
Original Broadcast: France 2, February 2022

Loosely adapted from the highly personal nonfiction bestseller by French TV/radio host and producer, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, What’s Wrong with My Family? explores the emotional, philosophical and societal conflicts surrounding surrogacy, a practice which remains illegal in France.  Beautifully performed and sensitively told, the film recounts the struggles faced by everyone involved, as we follow the stories of two very different couples who tentatively plunge into a world fraught with so many obstacles — medical, financial, legal, practical, familial, and especially those within our own heads.  Preconceptions abound and are not easily assuaged.  At heart, the film offers up an honest, moving portrait of four individuals willing to do everything in their power to have a child of their own.

Co-writer/director Hélène Angel is a 1991 graduate of La FEMIS film school, where she directed two short films. Her third short, La vie parisienne (1995), won the Grand Prix du Public at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival.  Her first feature, Skin of Man, Heart of Beast (1999) nabbed the Golden Leopard at Locarno.  She went on to direct the epic Rencontre avec le dragon (2003), the documentary Hôtel des longues peines (2007), the thriller Forbidden House (2011), the drama Elementary (2016), and the TV movie Last Dance (2019).  What’s Wrong with My Family? premiered on France 2 in February of this year.

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